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Two Player Games
Some of these games may take a while to load, especially if they have images and sounds.
 Nibbles Style Games
Click here to play this game. BM Tron
Try to keep alive as long as possible by avoiding running into walls, your opponent's tail or into yourself. Up to four players (computer opponents available).
Click here to play this game. Nib
This is a nice "space" nibbles game. Includes sounds and multiple levels. How long can you stay alive? Try putting "Num Lock" on if you have problems.
Click here to play this game. Top Nibbles
Go to the numbers in the field by directing your snake. Try to avoid collisions with the other player and (from level 2) the bricks.
   Miscellaneous Games
Click here to play this game. Pac Tag
This is a combination of two popular games - Pac and tag. One player is "IT" until the other player catches the "IT" player, then the first player becomes "IT".
Click here to play this game. Gone Ballistic
Fire your guns at the opponents (up to four players; also computer opponents available). Get the correct angle and velocity to hit! With sound effects.
   Asteroids Style Game
Click here to play this game. Castles
In the battlescreen you can choose angle & power for your shot. Then press SpaceBar and watch your target explode... or not?! Includes sounds.
   Miscellaneous Game
Click here to play this game. Pac Wars
Like PacMan but this is two Pacs at war. Pacs with guns and mines! Try to hit the other player, but don't forget to dodge incoming bullets and set mines.
Click here to play this game. Concentration
Match the full-colour cards into pairs. The person with the most matches wins! This game is also known as "Memory." Includes images.
One Player Three to Four Players
Enjoy playing these games!
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